How Can I Know For Sure

When to Renew WHMIS?

WHMIS Requirements in Canada WHMIS requirements apply to both employees and employers. Employers and employees must understand their Roles and Responsibilities for WHMIS...
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When to Renew WHMIS Even though there is no set expiry date on your WHMIS certificate or WHMIS training. You will need to renew your WHMIS certificate or be retrained on WHMIS at some point...
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WHMIS Certificates Training is a requirement of WHMIS legislation. WHMIS testing allows someone to conclude that someone has knowledge. A WHMIS Certificate is evidence of the completion of the testing...
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Where To Get Your WHMIS When you know you need to renew there are many options to get WHMIS. SafeAndCertified.com is a leader in online safety training with over 180,000 people trained.
These are the top 5 reasons

How can you know for sure when you need to renew WHMIS?

I don't want to take WHMIS if I don't have to.

Who would? It's not on my list of things to do today either. 

The problem is that there is no clear renewal frequency for WHMIS specified in the regulations. So you can ask a friend and they may say you only have to take WHMIS one-time. And ask another and they may say you have to take WHMIS every two years. 

These are the three people who can tell you need to take WHMIS, and you will have to listen and renew or retake your WHMIS.

  1. Your employer is responsible for your health and safety on the job and they can require you to take specific safety training related to your workplace. When there are hazardous chemicals in the workplace or you work in other locations that have hazardous materials the employees need to be trained on WHMIS and the employer can require employees to complete the training.
  2. A safety inspector from a provincial or federal authority can require employers and employees to get training specific to their job and workplace. If you are working with hazardous chemicals and they determine you are not knowledgeable on WHMIS they can require you to be trained on WHMIS.
  3. A Contractor or person responsible for a jobsite where there are other workers, subcontractors or even volunteers on the jobsite. The person who is overseeing that job site is responsible for all of the people on the jobsite and can require them to comply with all health and safety regulations, including getting training and providing documentation of training, typically a certificate of completion, like a WHMIS certificate.

When one of these people tell you need to renew your training or need a new WHMIS certificate you will need to listen. Having taken WHMIS a couple years ago or even a year ago may not be enough.

We can't and won't tell you, "You have to take WHMIS", only these three people can.

What we can tell you that when you need WHMIS, we make it possible to get it right now.

  • You can have your certificate by the end of the day
  • And you can start and stop if you prefer
  • It only takes a couple minutes to enroll in the course
  • It's making that decision that some people get stuck on or avoid 
  • Now you know if you really need WHMIS

If you need WHMIS click the Renew My WHMIS button, it takes a couple of minutes.

If you still aren't sure feel free to call us, livechat, or email and we can get you answers.

If you don't need WHMIS have a great day! 

Your Service and Support Team at SafeAndCertified.com