How Can I Know For Sure

When to Renew WHMIS?

It's been a few years - how do I renew my WHMIS?

A lot may have changed since you last attended or completed a WHMIS course.

Online WHMIS training is now one of the most common ways to complete WHMIS training and testing.  There is also an emphasis on the testing aspect as a way to ensure that trainees understand the material and have retained this knowledge to apply in the workplace.

You may find it difficult to locate a provider of face to face or classroom WHMIS training sessions.  Part of the reason is that people are very busy and given the choice between attending a half day class on a specific day with travel time - or completing an online course over the span of a couple hours in the convenience of their home - are choosing the online option.

The second big reason people prefer online WHMIS training is the rates.  Several years ago it was common to see classroom WHMIS rates in the $50 to $100 per person rate, depending on the class size. Online rates were less than classroom rate and have moved lower as technology has advanced and allowed for lower cost of delivery for online courses.

You can get WHMIS training for just $29.99 as an Individual.  

When you want to renew click on the "Renew My WHMIS" button.

You can have your new certificate the same day!