How Can I Know For Sure

When to Renew WHMIS?

Who Needs WHMIS Training?

When you work with chemicals and controlled products in a workplace in Canada, you need to be trained on WHMIS.

Look around your workplace.  Are their products or materials that are classified as controlled products because of one or more health or safety hazards?  You may be surprised at how many products are in the average office and yet some people associate WHMIS with heavy industrial workplaces.  The fire extinguishers in many businesses have compressed gasses and are considered a controlled product.

The requirements for WHMIS training are clearly specified in the WHMIS regulations.  What is not as clearly spelled out is the need for retraining or renewal of training.  The regulations require employers to complete an annual review of their WHMIS program which includes ensuring their employees are knowledgeable on WHMIS.

One way to determine if you are knowledgeable is to retrain and retest you to ensure you still understand WHMIS and are aware of any changes in WHMIS since the last time you were trained and tested.

If you have any questions as to your need for WHMIS training you can contact your Provincial WHMIS authority and they can determine based on your workplace and the presence or absence of controlled products.