How Can I Know For Sure

When to Renew WHMIS?

When I take the course online - how will I get my WHMIS Certificate?

With online WHMIS training and testing you are able to access the course materials over the Internet.  Testing is done online as well.  This gives you the convenience of taking the course on your schedule with no travel time.  You can refresh your knowledge all in one sitting or a little at a time.  You are in control.

As you finish reading each module you can complete the test for that module.  And when all the module tests are completed your certificate is displayed on the screen and are able to print it immediately.  You will also receive an email message instantly with a copy of your certificate attached as a PDF file.  You will get both a full size and wallet sized WHMIS certificate.  Your certificate is stored in the system and can be resent to you if you need a copy.